by Micol Berti • Jan 24th, 2024

Start your Journey to Glory.

A new season is approaching, bringing our eagerness to challenge ourselves in competitive races.

Still wondering how the competitive calendar looks like and what’s the journey to Championships?

Here you will find our checklist of 5 things to know about the National Series and Spartan sport updates in 2024.

1) What it is a National Series: a Pathway to Championship events.

A National series is the first level for a Competitive racer. It’s a two or three-event series consisting of a Sprint, Super, and Beast with a prize purse for the overall series winners. To sign up for a National Series event, you have to commit the “Pro Championship heats” in the registration process. 

The top 20 athletes in every National Series race ranking have access to the Regional Championship, a single event weekend per region. In Europe we host the Spartan European Championship in Zell am-See Kaprun (Austria) over a Beast format on September 7th, 2024. The top 50 athletes in a Regional Series ranking are qualified to attend the Spartan Beast World Championship, which in 2024 will be returning to the Al Wathba desert in Abu Dhabi.

2) Where a National Series is hosted in Europe 

We host National Series in France, Italy, Spain, Germany-Austria, UK, Switzerland, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic.

We also host an exciting Southern Series across Slovenia, Malta and Croatia.

There’s a series for everyone. Find yours.

3) What’s the Prize purse

Top 3 athletes competing in Pro-Championships heats will be awarded with prize money equally divided between female and male athletes.

For the Age Group champions, there will be no cash prize. However, the overall Top 3 men and women in each age group will earn a special edition Age Group National Series awards. 

Important Notice: only athletes who complete ALL races of a National Series are on the line to be awarded at the final event of the series itself.

4) Who’s eligible to win the prize money at the National Series events

To race in the Pro Championship heat and contend for the prize purses at Series and Championship events, qualification is required. 

To qualify and be eligible to race in a Pro Championship heat, you need to

  • Either earn a Pro Band in 2024 (The top 3 overall male and female times in the Competitive category will receive a Pro Band during the podium ceremony. This armband can be shown at subsequent races in the season to gain access to the front of the start line for the first heat of the day). 

  • Or finishing Top 15 in Elite category in 2023

Find here everything you need to know about the 2024 Competitive Heats updates and how to earn points and escalate the National Series ranking.

No qualification is required to sign up for Age Group Championships heats.

In 2024 every Country will be represented by a National Team, made of the top performing athletes for that Country. Get ready to compete with the best and improve your performance.

5) There’s more about Championships to discover

Not only European and Beast World Championship, but more is yet to come for all athletes willing to become Champions.

In Europe we’ll be hosting two of the most awaited World Championship events ever: 

  1. TheUltra World Championship on July 5th, 2024 in Morzine (France). With a traditional 50K Ultra course, all athletes will cross high-altitude lakes, climb dizzying inclines, swim through natural white water rivers, and overcome the ultimate ultra-marathon OCR test. 

  2. TheTrifecta World Championship on November 3rd to 5th, 2024 in Sparta (Greece). Our most international event that brings together the Trifecta Tribe from the whole globe. Complete a 5K Sprint, 10K Super, and 21K Beast in a single year to earn a Trifecta and gain status. That’s your open door to meet up in Sparta and be awarded with exclusive acknowledgements you will never forget.

You have no more excuses. The time to commit to an Unbreakable 2024, is NOW.

MICOL BERTI Marketing Manager for the Western Europe area with a passion for writing and sharing inspiring stories from the Spartan world.